Seed Cycling Kit – Phase 2

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Targeted relief for:

  • Acne
  • PMS
  • PCOS
  • Cramps
  • Irregular Periods

A mix of Sunflower seeds, Sesame Seeds with a pinch of Cinnamon and Pink Salt to regulate Progesterone in the Luteal Phase (PMS to Period) with Zinc, calcium, Iron, Vitamin E & more.

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How it works

The Seeds contain a Powerhouse of Micronutrients

  • Flax Seeds

    Omega-3, Fiber, Protein
  • Pumpkin Seeds

    Zinc, Magnesium, Fiber, Protein
  • Sunflower Seeds

    Vitamin E, Fiber, Protein
  • Sesame Seeds

    Magnesium, Calcium, Fiber, Protein
    • Hormonal Balance

    • Natural and Holistic Approach

    • Menstrual Symptom Relief

    • Fertility Support

    • Digestive Health

    What You Need To Know

    The Phases

    Phase 1

    Contains Pumpkin and Flax seeds which Target balancing estrogen in the First 14 days of the Menstrual Cycle

    Phase 2

    Contains Sunflower and Sesame seeds which Target balancing progesterone in the next 14 days of the Menstrual Cycle

    The Dosage

    1 Tbsp = 15gms a Day!

    Expertly roasted and powdered for Better nutrient absorption

    Season over your Soup, Salad or add it to your Smoothies

    What’s in it?


    Blood Sugar control, Anti - inflammatory


    Improved fertility, Hormone Regulation


    Bone health, nerve health

    Vitamin E

    Skin and Hair Health


    Digestive Aid, Insulin regulation

    Omega 3

    Cycle regulation, Reduced Oxidative Stress


    Muscle relaxation, Improved Sleep, Pain relief


    Hormone regulation, Eases Pain, Healthy Ovulation

    What Our Customers are Reporting

    • Regular periods

    • Less cramps

    • More energy

    • Improved mood

    • Less breakouts

    • Improved metabolism

    Frequently asked questions

    • How does seed cycling help with hormonal balance?

      Seed cycling helps balance hormones by giving your body important nutrients from flax, pumpkin, sesame, and sunflower seeds. These seeds are rich in omega-3s and other nutrients that support hormone health, ease PMS symptoms, and improve overall well-being. Adding seed cycling to your routine can naturally promote better hormonal balance and menstrual health.

    • Can I start seed cycling if my periods are irregular or absent?

      Yes, you can! Begin Phase 1 on any day and follow the 14-day pattern. If you prefer, start Phase 1 on the first day of the new moon (amavasya) and continue with the 14-day cycle. Seed cycling supports hormonal balance, so staying consistent is key, even if your periods are irregular or absent.

    • What if I miss a few days?

      No worries if you miss a few days! Just pick up your seed cycling routine when you remember. It’s important to be consistent, but a few missed days won’t make a huge difference. Listen to your body and get back on track when you can.

    • Does seed cycling help in conceiving?

      Research has shown that daily seed consumption improves egg quality, Implantation of the embryo, improves AMH levels.

    • Can my mom or grandma eat this?

      Since levels of estrogen and progesterone naturally decline during menopause, seed cycling can provide extra support to alleviate symptoms associated with lower hormone levels.

    • What happens if the period is late or starts earlier?

      • Stick to the 2-week rotation regardless of early or late periods.
      • If your period arrives early, continue the current phase until 14 days pass, then switch.
      • If the period is late, start the next phase as scheduled.
      • Consistency helps regulate menstrual cycle rhythm.
      • Trust the process to restore balance naturally.
    • Can I use this on Birth Control?

      If on estrogen therapy or estrogen-based birth control, consult your doctor before starting seed cycling with our products, particularly regarding the safety of consuming ground flax. Your doctor can offer personalized advice based on your health status.
    • Can I use Phase 1 + Phase 2 if I have PCOS, PMS, PMDD, and/or endometriosis?

      Seed cycling is recommended for PMS, PMDD, and endometriosis, backed by integrative medicine. Alternating between phases 1 and 2 offers therapeutic benefits, aiding hormonal balance. Nutrients like amino acids and zinc support overall health. Positive outcomes reported include reduced period pain and improved mood.
    • Can I use Phase 1 + Phase 2 if I am pregnant or post partum?

      Superfoods in our pack are safe however during pregnancy and postpartum we always recommend speaking to your health care expert for any new dietary changes.
    • How long will it take for me to see the results?

      About 2-3 Months
      This timeframe allows the body to adjust to the hormonal support provided by the seeds and for changes to manifest in menstrual regularity, mood, and other symptoms associated with hormone imbalance. However, individual results may vary, and some people may notice benefits sooner while others may take longer. It’s essential to be patient and consistent with seed cycling to experience its full potential benefits.
      Oh, and here’s a cool idea: keep a diary to write down how you feel each day. It’s like making a story of how your body feels better and better every month!

    If you have specific concerns about your menstrual cycle or nutrient intake, consulting with a healthcare provider or a registered dietitian is recommended.

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    So far so good. It's been 3 weeks, and my mood swings seem less intense.
    Works wonderfully. My digestion has improved, and I have more energy.
    I love this kit! It's been super helpful, especially during my PMS. The packaging is also very conve...More
    I love this kit! It's been super helpful, especially during my PMS. The packaging is also very convenient.
    It helps somewhat with the mood swings, but I was expecting more based on the reviews.
    I've been using the kit for two weeks now and see minor improvements. The taste is fine, but I prefe...More
    I've been using the kit for two weeks now and see minor improvements. The taste is fine, but I prefer a more flavored option.
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    The Gutguru Seed Cycling Kit Uses a food is Medicine approach to enhance Hormonal Health.

    Sweta Ashok, Founder The Gut Guru

    We use the Seed Cycling Method, which contains a powerhouse of micronutrients found in Seeds that help you regulate your hormones naturally With just one tablespoon a day.

      • Organic

      • Non GMO

      • Sugar Free

      • Dairy Free

      • Gluten Free

      • Made in India

    Expert Approved

    • Dr. Kanika Sabharwal

      MD, Gut Guru Advisor

      "Nutrition has an important role to play in maintaining health and regularising hormones. In this regard, seed cycling has shown to have a positive impact and can be used as an adjunct to pharmacological therapy."

      Dr. Kanika Sabharwal's WebsiteFollow me on LinkedIn
    • Amita Mishra

      Nutritionist, lifestyle Consultant

      "Seed cycling is a natural approach to support women's health. Incorporating diverse seeds can balance hormones, regulate menstrual cycles, and ease symptoms of hormonal imbalances. Whether facing irregularities, PMS, or imbalances, seed cycling enhances overall wellness."

      Amita Mishra's WebsiteFollow me on LinkedIn