PMS Cookies

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  • Prevents Acne
  • "Estrogen Regulation"
  • Improves Insulin
  • Boost Progesterone
  • Reduce Cramps

PMS Cookies are a delicious, all-natural solution designed to help alleviate the discomfort and cravings associated with (PMS). Each cookie is packed with nutrient-dense ingredients that support hormonal balance, reduce inflammation, and provide essential vitamins and minerals. Indulge in a tasty treat while giving your body the support it needs.

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Ingredients and Nutritional Benefits

PMS Cookies contain a Powerhouse of Micronutrients

  • Flax Seeds

    They help reduce inflammation and balance hormones. 5g per cookie.
  • Pumpkin Seeds

    They help reduce bloating and regulate mood. 5g per cookie
  • Sunflower Seeds

    They support immune function, reduce mood swings and fatigue. 5g per cookie
  • Sesame Seeds

    They help ease muscle cramps and improve overall energy levels. 5g per cookie
    • Cravings

      Our cookies provide a healthy alternative to sugary snacks, helping you curb cravings with nutrient-dense ingredients.
    • Mood Swings

      Ingredients like flax seeds and walnuts help balance hormones, reducing mood swings.
    • Fatigue

      The combination of seeds and nuts provides sustained energy, combating PMS-related fatigue.
    • Cramps

      Magnesium-rich ingredients like pumpkin and sesame seeds help reduce muscle cramps.
    • Anxiety

      Chamomile has natural calming properties that help reduce anxiety and promote relaxation.

    What You Need To Know

    How to Use

    Enjoy one PMS Cookie a day to satisfy cravings and provide your body with the essential nutrients it needs to manage PMS symptoms effectively.

    The Dosage

    1 Tbsp = 15gms a Day!

    Expertly roasted and powdered for Better nutrient absorption

    Season over your Soup, Salad or add it to your Smoothies

    ALL the Essentials You Need  


    Aids in digestion and helps reduce bloating


    Reduce inflammation and support brain health


    Eases muscle cramps and supports mood.


    Essential for bone health and muscle function.


    Prevents fatigue and supports overall energy levels.

    Vitamin E

    Acts as an antioxidant, protecting cells from damage.


    Supports immune function and hormone balance.

    What Our Customers are Reporting

    • "I love these cookies! They've made a huge difference in my mood and energy levels during my period."

    • "No more cravings for junk food. These cookies are delicious and satisfying!"

    • "I've noticed fewer cramps and less bloating since I started eating PMS Cookies."

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    So happy I found these! They make my periods much more manageable.
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    At Gutguru we use a food is Medicine approach to enhance Hormonal Health.

    Sweta Ashok, Founder, Biochemist

    We use indgridents which contain a powerhouse of micronutrients found in Seeds that help you regulate your hormones naturally With just one cookie a day.

      • Organic

      • Non GMO

      • Sugar Free

      • Dairy Free

      • Gluten Free

      • Made in India

    Frequently asked questions

    • How long before my period should I start eating PMS Cookies?

      For best results, you can start eating PMS Cookies a week before your expected period and continue throughout your menstrual cycle. Regular consumption may help in managing symptoms more effectively.

    • Can children eat PMS Cookies?

      Yes, PMS Cookies are made with natural, nutritious ingredients that are safe for children. However, keep in mind that they contain nuts and seeds, which might pose a choking hazard for very young children.

    • Are PMS Cookies safe for people with nut allergies?

      PMS Cookies contain walnuts and are not suitable for individuals with nut allergies. Always check ingredient lists if you have food allergies.

    • Do PMS Cookies contain any added sugars?

      PMS Cookies are made with minimal natural sweeteners to ensure they are both delicious and healthy. They contain no refined sugars.


    • Can I eat these cookies if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

      While the ingredients in PMS Cookies are generally safe and nutritious, it’s always best to consult with your healthcare provider before making any changes to your diet during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

    • How soon can I expect results?

      Many women report feeling relief within a few days to a week.

    • Are there any preservatives in these cookies?

      No, PMS Cookies are made with all-natural ingredients and contain no preservatives

    • Can I eat more than one cookie a day?

      While one cookie a day is recommended, you can enjoy more based on your needs.

    • Are these cookies vegan?

      Yes, all ingredients used are plant-based.

    • Are these cookies gluten-free?

      Yes, they are made with buckwheat flour, which is gluten-free.

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