Sattu Blend – Almond & Cacao

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  • Protein
  • Dietary Fibre
  • Improves Insulin
  • Anti oxidants
  • Digestive Aid

Our Sattu Blend Uses the Complex carbohydrates and Dietary Fibre to Help combat weight loss, Adds Protein to Diet and helps Fight Hunger cravings to control Insulin resistance. Its Rich in Antioxidants with Trace amounts of Vitamins and Minerals.

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How it works

All Natural - Protein & Fibre

  • Roasted Bengal Gram

  • Cacao

  • Almonds

  • Jaggery

    • Lower Insulin

    • Natural and Holistic Approach

    • Weight Loss

    • High Fibre

    • High Protein

    • Digestive Health

    What You Need To Know

    The Phases

    Phase 1

    Contains Pumpkin and Flax seeds which Target balancing estrogen in the First 14 days of the Menstrual Cycle

    Phase 2

    Contains Sunflower and Sesame seeds which Target balancing progesterone in the next 14 days of the Menstrual Cycle

    The Dosage

    2 table spoons = 30gms a Day!

    Expertly Roasted and blended almonds & Cacao (for the Flavour Heads!) and Cumin and Fennel (for the Digestive aid ones).

    Just add Plain water, Buttermilk, Milk or Curd to the blend and Use on the go! 

    What’s in it?

    Roasted Bengal Gram

    Cacao Powder

    Roasted Almonds

    Pink Salt


    What Our Customers are Reporting

    • Less hunger craving

    • Delicious

    • Easy to Use

    • Great for out of Home Meals

    • Lesser insulin Sensitivity

    • Great for Fat loss

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    Frequently asked questions

    • Are there any recommended serving suggestions to maximize the protein and fiber intake from the premix?

      To maximize protein and fiber intake, consider adding the premix to yogurt, salads, or blending it into smoothies for a nutrient boost. 2 to 4 tablespoons (20-40 g) per day
    • What makes this premix a convenient and nutritious option for busy lifestyles?

      This premix is convenient and nutritious for busy lifestyles, providing a quick and wholesome snack or meal addition.
    • Can the premix be incorporated into smoothies or shakes for added nutrition?

      The premix can be incorporated into smoothies or shakes to enhance their nutritional value, offering versatility.
    • How does the premix assist in maintaining energy levels throughout the day?

      The premix helps maintain energy levels throughout the day by providing sustained release of carbohydrates and proteins.
    • What nutritional benefits does the premix offer compared to typical snack options?

      Compared to typical snack options, the premix offers higher protein, fiber, and micronutrient content, making it a more nutritious choice.
    • Can the premix help in managing hunger cravings between meals?

      Yes, the premix can help manage hunger cravings between meals, thanks to its protein and fiber combination.
    • How does the high-fiber content in the premix contribute to a balanced diet?

      The high-fiber content in the premix promotes digestive health and contributes to a feeling of fullness, supporting a balanced diet.
    • What makes this premix an ideal choice for those seeking high-protein snacks?

      The Sattu premix is an ideal high-protein snack choice, offering a balanced source of essential amino acids for muscle maintenance and growth.
    • How does the Roasted Bengal gram powder premix support post-workout recovery?

      1. The Roasted Bengal gram powder premix supports post-workout recovery due to its high protein content, aiding muscle repair.


    This Product does not directly Reduce Fat or Magically Reduce that Scale so please don't Drink this like a Potion. A balanced Diet is key to a healthy living and Our Sattu Premix helps reduce hunger cravings in between healthy meals. We recommend Drinking our Mix after workout, or Between Lunch and DInner. Please don't Skip your Veggies...